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More Time, More Money, Less Stress.

Helping Stressed Freelancers Build Profitable Businesses

Does this sound familiar?

You're awesome at what you do. You've built up a strong client base and had some referrals. You're making decent money but it seems to get spent as quickly as you earn it, you're working ridiculous hours and don't have any time to enjoy your success.

As a creative you may not think of yourself as business owners,  but the truth is that however you make your money, a strong business model is the only way to make a predictable, consistent income that generates a healthy profit.

If the excitement of freelancing is wearing off and life is slapping you in the face, it's easy to lose motivation and start beatimg yourself up. 

But you can turn it around and go from stressed out freelancer to profitable business owner, in less time than you think.

I am a Personal Transformation Coach helping ambitious creatives to reduce overwhelm halve their to-do list, increase their income, and start making profits.

I love helping creative entrepreneurs and freelancers to reignite their fire, help them to build the life they deserve, and make money without the headache.

I will help you to find and use the right tools and strategies that will give you more time to enjoy your success in your personal and professional life without feeling guilty.

How It Works

Focused Coaching at Your Own Pace
You can choose from twelve weekly, fortnightly, or monthly sessions. These are solutions-based, empowering sessions lasting around 45 minutes, that give you proven tools and strategies. Imagine finally having the space to zoom out and clear the fog. And together we will get really clear on your next moves and focus on getting from where you are now to where you want to be. 

My transformational sessions have helped singers, curators, artists, script writers, and dress-makers, to name a few, to get more clarity and focus and get more done in less time. 

You will discover how you can lift the deadweight, cut out the crap, and go from busy, stressed freelancer to profitable business owner without working ridiculous hours. 

Still not sure?  Your first session is a complimentary Taster where you can really clear on how you can clear the fog, get focused and build a business model that works for you. 

Carrie Griffiths with Client

If you're ready to...

 End procrastination
 Feel more motivated
 Be more productive
 Ditch boring tasks
 Develop more positive habits
 Have more free time
 Make more money
Testimonials - Carrie Griffiths Elite Transformational Coaching

Rae Travers, Singer-Songwriter
Robyn London, Creative
Ray Gange, Artist, Actor, and Filmmaker

Who is Carrie Griffiths?

From Number One Artist to Business Owner

As a musician with an entrepreneurial spirit, Carrie is a best-selling artist, who has enjoyed international success having sung and performed in more than thirty countries. She has sold three top ten albums including an international Number One. 

One of Carrie's enduring memories from childhood is being told that her background meant that she could never be successful. Defiant from a young age, this became her driving force to become a success in her own right and to help others to do the same. 

Carrie stopped performing in 2017 to focus on her love of teaching, which led to her status as an award-winning voice coach, creating voice training programs for commercial singers and prominent Public Speakers.

 Her love of serving deepened and Carrie became a certified and accredited Master NLP Practitioner and Master Coach.
In 2020, Carrie fulfilled her dream of Public Speaker and in 2021 became a best-selling author through her Co-Founded business, Queens In Business Club.

In true entrepreurial style, Carrie draws from her vast knowledge, experience and genuine love for other humans to provide holistic transformational coaching programs that help creatives to end procrastination, reduce overwhelm, get motivated and get back on track.

Carrie is the creator and host of punk rock Youtube channel London Lens TV.
*Accredited by IAPC&M
Other services

Carrie Griffiths Voice Training Logo
Carrie Griffiths is an award-winning voice coach. She helps singers, speakers and coaches to maximise the potential of their voices so that they can build more successful careers.
Queens in Business Club_Carrie Griffiths_The Speaking Queen
Carrie Griffiths came together with five other incredible business owners to create Queens in Business Club. 
This is a global community created by Female Entrepreneurs for Female Entrepreneurs to learn how to start, succeed and scale their own businesses. Launching in January 2021, QIB Club has grown 100% organically to help hundreds of women globally. 
In September 2021 their first collaborative book Time To Reign became an international Number One Bestseller within five hours.

Nicknamed The Speaking Queen, Carrie is one of the six original Co-Founders.
Thaise Braga, Singer
Testimonials for Transformational Coaching with Carrie Griffiths
Kurt Haynes, Business Consultant and Leadership Coach
Nadya Gains-Smith, PhD

If you're like me and like to skip to the end, this is what you missed...

Now that you're ready to recover your sparkle, I offer you the space to discover what you really want and how you can get there, without feeling overwhelmed, pressured or guilty. 
Book your complimentary *Breakthrough Session where you will:
  • Eliminate Stress and Overwhelm
  • ​End Procrastination and Get Motivated
  • ​Increase Productivity Without the Headache
  •  Begin More Positive Habits
  • ​Earn More and Work Less
  •  Have More Free Time

Jessen James

Serial Entrepreneur, Multi Award-Winning International Speaker, Business Coach and Mentor 
Voice Coaching Client

“As an international speaker and trainer, working with Carrie Griffiths is one of the best investments I ever made! Invest in your biggest asset, your voice, and you won’t regret it.”

Chloe Bisson

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David Senn

Corporate Trader
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